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SMSL DO200 Dac / Preamplifier and final power amplifiers. Possible combination?


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Feb 27, 2022
Hello everyone, I always follow you and I have read many useful things, please forgive me if you have already dealt with this topic far and wide, but I still have many doubts. So, I tried to use my dac with variable output, in order to take advantage of the volume remote control, with two power amps connected to the Sabaj A8 bridge (Icewpower) using the balanced xlr output of the dac and entering balanced in the two amplifiers balanced. The two Sabaj sounded like dead, while exiting the SMSL with pure Dac output at fixed volume at maximum the two power amplifiers sounded good, only then I found myself with two manual volumes to adjust and without a remote control. Surely my dac is indigestible to ICEPower, but I don't understand why since everyone claims that a dac with a superior output and 2V is enough, I believe that SMSL has many more. Unfortunately I understand little about electronics, but I would be tempted to buy a stereo power amplifier from Audiophonics (this: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/power-amplifier/audiophonics-mpa-s250nc-xlr-class-d-stereo-amplifier -ncore-2x250w-4-ohm-p-14185.html, or this, https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/powe...cs-hpa-s250nc-stereo-class-d-amplifier-ncore- 2x250w-4-ohm-p-13545.html)
Obviously if the combination worked, or between the dac and the power amp would I have to put an active or passive preamplifier? Unfortunately I have little money, the alternative would be to use a cheap class D integrated amplifier. The test done with SMSL DO200 and the integrated SMSL A0200 worked very well, there was just a bit of presence at low volume, so I would like to try the solution with a power amp with a few more muscles. I thank anyone who wants to give me their impression on tests made or on the reasons why this solution is not recommended. Thanks, Danilo
(I write from Italy and I speak little English, I use google translator, forgive me)
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