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Schiit Modius E vs Fiio K7 vs Topping E50 and more...


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May 11, 2023
Hello everyone, I'm new here.
I'm trying to buy a DAC to match with my Sonus Faber Lumina 2 and just don't have the budget for expensive multi thousand dollar worth DACs; however, Schiit Modius E, Schiit Modi+, Topping E50, Cambridge audio Dacmagic 100, Loxjie D30 and Fiio K7(because of the dual chip) seemed to be a fine spend to use for couple of years.(I am a student with low budget). I liked the Schiit because it's a US company and has a pretty good reputation. But recently I found out that Chinese DACs are doing a great job for its price. I saw Amirm's measurements and figured Topping E50 and Fiio K7(this wasn't in his review) would be a great choice too. BUT some claims that the way they sound is more important than the measurements which Schiit audio does. I found Chinese DACs are sticking too much to the measurements. Which one would you recommendation for this situation? It would be great to know more great DACs under £300 (I am in the UK so..).


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Sep 30, 2022
Valencia, Spain
I’m truly happy with my Topping D30 Pro, but the DAC part of the FIIO K5 Pro is doing a great job as well. So I think the analog conversion of digital sources is a solved problem nowadays and any of the models you‘re talking about will sound the same, so I would choose based on features and price.
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