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RSL iA255.1 and SMSL DL200 combo ?


Nov 13, 2018
so i think i've decided on the SMSL DL200 for my DAC/AMP . but i need something to power my 2.1 desktop setup in our bedroom . i have a powered velodyne CT120 sub that still works perfectly and a pair of JBL arena 120 speakers on my computer desk . i'm certainly not a uber hifi'er with golden ears and probably not even a modest audiophile compared to most here ... but i do want quality equipment . my 20 year old plus pioneer 5.1 receiver has no output on it's right speaker output . i only run it in a 2.1 setup . i've switched speakers and rca jacks and the right and left and the right side speaker output is dead so i've only been using it with the headphone output for several months now and it's time to move on from it .

anyhow ... the plan is to go usb from the computer to the usb c in the DL 200 as well as optical from the Hisense H9G 65 in the bedroom where the computer is and use the DL200 for headphones (tygr 300r) and then use the rca outs from the DL200 to the RSL iA255.1 and them use that to power the speakers and line level inputs on the velodyne sub . i'm not interested in surround sound in the bedroom and i have some older JBL tower speakers for the TV that i plan on using with the RLS by swapping the banana plugs between the 120/towers with the RSL when we want to listen to them while watching tv/movies in bed . i

anyhow should the RSL iA255.1 and DL200 be a decent quality pairing for me ? and should they last ? the RSL iA255.1 has a 2 year warranty and i plan on getting amazons 3 year warranty with the DL200 ..... just in case . what are y'alls thoughts ?
thanks , jeff
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