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RCA to balanced XLR - will this work on a DSP?


Major Contributor
Sep 4, 2021
That's mostly correct, but only when used in balanced interfaces on both ends. As for terms, differential input is the name for the technique to read a balanced output through XLR-cable. But please note, that ground can be wired to travel through any pin or even 2 pins of XLR-cable, if the source is single-ended (per this topic) and differential input can be used like that. And most likely there is gear with XLR outputs where either pin 2 or 3 is ground, since that is allowed by definition.
But note that the intent of the OP is not to have a single ended source, but to create a stereo differential signal using the 4 outputs of the flex, with two of the outputs inverted to provide the "cold" signals, while the other two (non inverted) are the "hot".
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