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Quiescent Q300VA vs PS Audio P5 Power Plant


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Feb 12, 2024
I recently moved house to a rural area and noticed a significant degradation in my system’s sound quality that would vary over the course of the day, I have always been highly doubtful of power conditioning as snake oil however after eliminating all other variables the only cause of the variation in audio quality could be the incoming electricity. I demoed a Chord Powerhaus M6 which made some tangible improvements but not enough to merit the £2,000 price tag. I then demoed a Quiescent Q300VA and…wow, the difference was staggering both in the colouration and depth of the sound with the delineation between instruments greatly elevated and a clarity that the system has not achieved before.

The only issue is the price - £3,800 with a £900 power cable to boot, I am very reticent to outlay this amount of cash for a power bank and was wondering if any audiophile experts with solid experience here could advise on some alternatives? I am also demoing a PS Audio P5 regenerator next week and was wondering if anyone had experience or insights comparing regenerators to standard conditioners?

I was also recommended a Puritan Audio PSM 156 by a number of people as "outstanding" and "great value for money" however after reading this review I am not so sure https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/puritan-audio-psm156-review-ac-filter.26136/.

Any other power filtering solutions recommended (backed up by objective listening experiences and/or scientific facts) are gratefully received, thanks.
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