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  1. P

    Power Conditioner with Auto Switching?

    Hi, I have PS Audio Dectet plugged into a Monster Pro 3500 to provide enough outlets. Not all of my components have a trigger input, so I must for instance turn on four monoblocks and another amp for the subs every time I want music or HT. This makes the whole system less family-friendly than...
  2. A

    Quiescent Q300VA vs PS Audio P5 Power Plant

    I recently moved house to a rural area and noticed a significant degradation in my system’s sound quality that would vary over the course of the day, I have always been highly doubtful of power conditioning as snake oil however after eliminating all other variables the only cause of the...
  3. D

    Amplifier to wall ac vs surge protector

    Hello, For a couple of years I have been using a surge protector that also, supossedly, has noise filtering (EMI/RFI), which I think it is not crap, but not top class either (I do not belive much in cables and things like that once a minimum quality is reached)...
  4. KEFCarver

    Would like to see comments on the youtube video "The BEST HIFI Power quality video you will see in 2023 visiting inakustik"

    I came across this a few hours ago and watched parts of it and thought I would "share" it here and am curious what others think, particularly the "Proving Theory" section. I am cracking up as I am typing this. Here is the video link....
  5. Nobleman

    Power conditioners

    Just bought a Hypex ncore based amp and given these are direct ac coupled, I was wondering whether the amp would benefit from a power conditioner/ noise filter. What is the general practice here?
  6. MetalDaze

    Voltage Monitoring Discrepancy

    Hello all, I am in the U.S. & have a 2.2 / 5.2 home theater set up, running off a single 20amp circuit. The equipment work flow is listed in my signature. I have a seriously heavy duty splitter connected to a short run of 12AWG extension cord from the outlet, which is mounted directly next to...
  7. N

    Do power conditioners matter?

    I've read about the PS Audio P12 being ineffective on this site. I also watched the YouTube video with the PS Audio Noise Harvester not doing anything useful. Power conditioners can be sold for hundreds of dollars or a lot more! Do these products actually clean your electricity? And if so...
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