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Presonus Audiobox Go, Presonus Audiobox iOne or Behringer Uphoria UMC22?


New Member
Oct 31, 2022
What is better to get for recording a guitar amp and why? Presonus Audiobox Go, Presonus Audiobox iOne or Behringer Uphoria UMC22? With similar specs and similar price i have no ideas how to choose one. Thanks for any answer

Matthias McCready

Active Member
Jul 2, 2021
It is possible that the preamps on these units may sound different, however all of the following will impact the sound and tone you get on a recording MUCH more than a preamp would.

1) Playing ability
2) Guitar used
3) Pickups
4) Amp
5) Cab
6) Mic used (SM57, Fathead, E906 etc)
7) Mic Placement (this can affect tone dramatically, the same mic on the same cab can sound drastically different depending on placement)


So I wouldn't worry too much about specs, or "which unit is better."


All three only have a single XLR input, you may want two for recording an amp, or you may not. I usually use 2 or more mics on an amp. Sometimes that is to "spread" two mics out, other times it is to have different tonal flavors available come mix time, when I find I by far favor the placement or tonality of a certain mic used.


Major Contributor
Nov 6, 2018
Out of these, the GO would seem to have the best chance of getting the job done. It can apparently handle up to +13 dBu on the instrument input, which should accommodate even the loudest pickups with ease. There is no maximum input level spec for the iOne, and for the UMC22 it's +2 dBu (which may still be a stretch, at least real-life mic level handling is substantially below 0 dBu AFAIR, and that's really cutting it close for some pickups).
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