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Planning room treatment


Mar 9, 2022
For my next home office / audio room there should at least be some room treatment. Because of the limited space (room size is about 4m x 3,5m) absorbing bass will be a challenge. Hopefully Genelec GLM will help mitigate that problem to some extent.
Placing the speakers behind the window-wall should be better acoustically according to GIK Acoustics video guide. But then opening/cleaning the windows would be impossible unless the speakers are placed further away from the windows which would restrict the space for everything else even more. :confused:

So this is the current plan:


Here you can have a look in 3D.
  • front wall treatment:
    • 4x GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap
    • 2x GIK Acoustics Impression Series Pro (300 mm x 1200 mm), not sure if 50mm or 100mm depth
  • side wall treatment:
    • 2x GIK Acoustics Impression Series Pro (300 mm x 1200 mm), not sure if 50mm or 100mm depth
  • back wall treatment: 2x Addictive Sound Absorbers (500 mm x 1000 mm x 110 mm) which are a
  • orange: acrylic / oil paintings on stretcher frames
  • blue: raceseat (moveable)
Still not sure if treatment behind the speakers (where the bass reflex opening is located) is necessary. Are there any alternatives for the corner bass traps you can recommend?

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From my experience, please allow me to suggest that you first try the room with no treatments. Then work slowly as you identify an issue, deal with it. But don't turn a simple desktop office into a recording studio. First of all it looks like crap and secondly it often doesn't provide the help you need.

Overall the biggest improvements come from "softening' the room... that is carpets, draperies, furniture, etc. It is usually not necessary to add bass traps, absorber panels or wall tiles if you build a comfortable, welcoming room. In fact, most audiophile listening rooms require this kind of extensive treatment because they are mostly empty spaces.

It's all fine and good to get general advice from online sources (including here) but, in the end, every room is different and you will have to ignore many suggestions and break a few rules if you want to deal with it effectively.
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Mar 15, 2022
Please purchase the speakers and a calibrated measurement microphone before deciding on any treatments.
Take measurements, most definitely do your own listening, use REW or GLM Grade report to discover the problems with your room, then decide your approach.
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