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Oppo BDP-103 to Anthem connections

Old Hi-Fi Guy

Forum Donor
May 3, 2020
Western Canada
Hi, folks.

By a stroke of luck, I have just acquired an Oppo BDP-103D disc player. This complements my recently acquired Anthem MRX720, Panasonic UHD player, and Panasonic OLED TV. My plan is to use the Panasonic player for UHD discs and the Oppo for everything else. I'm interested in hearing your comments on the following:

First, the Oppo appears to work very well with just an HDMI cable from it to the Anthem for movies and SACDs. Is this the best way to go, or is it better to connect directly to the TV for video and to the Anthem from the second HDMI output for audio?

Second, we occasionally use an Apple TV (second generation 720p) to duplicate the screen of my wife's iMac on the TV via Apple AirPlay. To do this, I connect the Apple TV to the Anthem via HDMI. The original owner of the Oppo said that he connected his Apple TV to the Oppo in order to benefit from the Oppo's superior video processing. What do you think?

Thanks in advance,


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