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On Calibrating Pictures in A/V System


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Sep 22, 2018
Gothenburg, Sweden
I use the DVE blu-ray to try to set some basic parameters more right.
Gray-scale I use my eyes for.
I have a Infocus IN83 projector, that is not possible to set colors right I think. But now I have an old Samsung A800b on its way. Those are supposed to be possible to get very correct.
10 year old SOTA 1080p dlp projectors are dirt cheap now, and I have a thing for them :)
I paid like $100 for a working Samsung a800b, that is crazy value.


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Nov 14, 2018
Well, whatever floats your boat. I did try to make my LG 50PK350 plasma perfect, but it was impossible so I settled to an approximately good and I'm satisfied with it.
But the problem with our eyes is similar to our ears, both are connected to our brain (https://www.datacolor.com/business-solutions/blog-business-solutions/why-cant-we-agree/).
One should be able to find a second hand i1Pro for cheap on ebay, as these devices are usually bundled with color copiers and your local printshop might have several unused ones.

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