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Nord Piano Monitor - Hi-Fi Magic!?


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May 19, 2022
Anyone else have these? If you do, you should definitely try pairing them with your Hi-Fi gear. The Nord Piano Monitors are incredible. Everything from Queen, Showtunes, and Classical sound amazing. They aren't room-filling sound, but more intimate - if I were to describe the sound I would say it's like sitting in the front row at a concert. I'm a noob to Hi-Fi, but to me, they are amazing.

The amount of clarity and dynamic range I get from these tiny speakers paired with a Polk Subwoofer is listening nirvana. Vocals are crystal clear and the detail is amazing. Songs with piano are magical due to the fact they're tuned to express pianos to the fullest. I don't think they'd be all that great for heavy metal or rock, but I don't really listen to much of it. Definitely need to pair them with a sub if you do try these out. I bought the Borea BR02 for my desktop listening set up and I'm returning them and keeping my Nord's on my desk. I'd love to know of some alternatives that are very similar to these because I'd like to have these back on my Nord Piano. Having to disconnect the speakers every time I want to play the piano is annoying.

I bought these 2 years ago when they came out and they were much cheaper than they are now. If anyone tries these out please let me know what you think.

I'd love for ASR to do a review of them to get their thoughts.

O2 Headphone Amp from Drop (they're made for headphones, but the Nord's are powered speakers so I don't think you need a ton of power for these to perform well, could be wrong tho since I'm a noob.)
Chord Mojo Dac
Amazon HD in Exclusive mode
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