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  1. robithinker

    Active Speakers for New Listening Room

    I am moving soon to a new house and will have a new listening room that requires me to change to shorter speakers. The room is about 40m2 and has 3.2m high ceilings. There will be no acoustic treatment and I am looking to move from my current passive speaker setup (Focal Aria 948 and Onkyo...
  2. WTree

    Passive UBR62 or Active Kali in8 V2 with AVR Marantz SR 7013?

    Hi, I was in the hobby very deep and it was all quiet for few years. Now I am back in the market - for new speakers. My KEF Reference 201/2 are gone (sold) and I am looking for replacement speakers to listen in my new non-dedicated room (3m X 5m). I can have my system on the long wall only so...
  3. N

    Active Speakers, Cable Runs & Passive Pre-Amps

    I have a dilemma... I'd like to use a passive Pre-Amp to send an attenuated signal from my phono preamp to my active speakers. The intention is bypass my Emotiva AV processor altogether with the cleanest fully balanced signal path from my phono cartridge to the speakers. My dilemma has to do...
  4. VintageFlanker

    Cabasse Rialto

    I didn't see much, if any discussion about it, so let me open a thread about the just released Cabasse Rialto. This is a next-gen speaker from the historic French manufacturer, basically a compact 3-ways, DSP-powered active bookshelf, with wireless and streaming features. Their look is very...
  5. V

    Help needed on Budget Compact Speakers

    Hey there, I'm currently looking to get a pair of active speakers for my desktop setup. I'm testing out the Edifier MR4 right now, and while they are pretty good, I can't fit them in my setup. I'm looking for a pair that are at most 4.5 inches in width. Speakers the size of stuff like the...
  6. genuin audio

    „Pure madness! The ava is a keeper!“

    The reviewer insisted on buying the test unit. This clearly proves the outstanding quality of our digital active speaker ava. Read more in the detailed report by Amré Ibrahim in the renowned German magazine „image hifi“! Please find more informations on our website...
  7. NiagaraPete

    FS: Genelec 8050B Canada / USA

    No longer available
  8. Adam Bernau

    OEPlay- new active speakers coming with brain-melting snakeoil info

    So, this is my first post here, i have found this today, the design of the speakers is not looking bad, reminding me of 70´s Pantone era, Grundig Audiorama etc.. despite the weird and in my opinion not very well fitting wooden legs. But. I have read the info on their page and i have almost died...
  9. Kromys

    Nord Piano Monitor - Hi-Fi Magic!?

    Anyone else have these? If you do, you should definitely try pairing them with your Hi-Fi gear. The Nord Piano Monitors are incredible. Everything from Queen, Showtunes, and Classical sound amazing. They aren't room-filling sound, but more intimate - if I were to describe the sound I would say...
  10. H

    JBL 306p mk2’s for sale

    For sale is a pair of JBL 306p mk2’s in good condition except for some minor cosmetic imperfection in the speaker wraps as shown. Local sale in the Charlotte, NC vicinity preferred as I don’t have the original boxes anymore. I can drive to 50 miles of 28277 to deliver them. Price for the pair...
  11. R

    Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with

    With my job I travel very often and spend a large amount of my time sitting in front of a laptop in airbnbs and hotel rooms. I'm looking for the best STEREO audiophile speakers out there that I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with. These will get used sitting in front of a laptop 99% of...
  12. N

    Yet another post about best active speakers for near field listening

    Hello everyone, First of all I want to say that ASR rocks ! I've been reading a lot here and i've learned so many things. It's very pleasant to see how passionate you guys are when talking about audio in general. I'm pretty recent in hi-fi world and i've been recently reading a lot of topics...
  13. sigbergaudio

    Sigberg Audio Manta (12" wideband cardioid active speakers) prototype / build thread

    It's time for a new build/prototype thread! Thank you to everyone who followed our previous threads (Inkognito subwoofer, 10D subwoofer & SBS.1 Active speakers), all those products are now commercialized and available for purchase world-wide from our website. :D Our next project is the Sigberg...
  14. Crow

    A question about Edifier speakers

    My first post here, I've been lurking around and learning. I'm not an audiophile, I only like music and a friend from another forum told me about this place, I bought a DAC (Topping D10s) and later a Raspberry 4 for streaming and I'm using an old stereo. Now I want to update the speakers and...
  15. M

    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    I'm not sure the following is even possible due to how high-frequency sound is perceived in off-axis listening configurations. In any case, here are the 'concept parameters': hardware/audio optical or coax digital input single speaker configuration available (maybe something like a sonos play...
  16. Vict0r

    New near-field speaker setup for a home office? Pictures!

    Hey everyone! I bought a house a while ago and had two extra rooms to go absolutely audio ham in. One of them I already transformed into a cinema, with 2 floor to ceiling corner bass traps, acoustic panels (3 on each side) and diffusers (3 skyline diffusers behind the listening position), a 65"...
  17. Aekre

    Near Field Monitors Recommendations

    Hello everyone, i know this can be a pleonastic post but I´ve been since weeks looking for the best monitors suitable to me and I still didn´t ended up with nothing. It´s really hard times so it´s quite impossible go to some music shop to test it so i have to trust internet and what i reed...
  18. O

    looking for a streamer/DAC with Airplay 2 + wifi to connect Adam active speakers

    hello, i am looking for a reasonably priced streamer/DAC with wifi. I absolutely need Airplay 2 (being on apple ecosystem) and would have loved balanced outputs to hook it up with my to Adam active speakers. but balanced will inevitably push the price up and it is not key right now. I am...
  19. Neto Rare

    FS: HEDD TYPE 20 Studio Monitors (Pair)

    Less than 2 months old and in MINT/Pristine condition. Includes original box and power cords. It will be shipped triple box. Price: $3275 US shipped and PP fee included. Pics here: Also posted on:
  20. sweetchaos

    List of Budget Bookshelf Speakers

    -=List of Active Bookshelf Speakers=- -=List of Passive Bookshelf Speakers=-...
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