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Neumann MT48 vs RME ADI-2 Pro FS R - Which should I buy?

Which is the better buy for my use? (Home Studio)

  • Neumann MT48 - SGD $2800

  • RME ADI-2-PRO FS R Black Edition - SGD $2100

  • Audient ID44 MKII - SGD $800 (lmao just get this it's good enough)

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Aug 21, 2023
Hello ASR peeps!

I've recently upgraded my monitor speakers to the new Neumann KH150s (amazing speakers btw) and would really like to upgrade my audio interface for my home studio.
I'm currently running a 10+ years old Focusrite 18i20 Gen1.
For the most part I'm looking to achieve a really good monitoring setup, with the ability to record, mix and master.

Here are some of my input requirements
  • Vocal
  • Electric guitar/Bass (both DI and wet signals from my Fractal Audio AXE FX III)
Additional Inputs
  • Stereo TV input (currently hooked up via ADAT into my 18i20)
I've basically narrowed down my search for my next audio interface to these two (but feel free to recommend others!)
  1. Neumann MT48

Here are some of my thoughts about the two of them.
The Neumann MT48 is nice, it has AES connectivity and additional preamps. But I'm not sure if I would be in need of these features as it's supposed to be a home setup.
But it does not seem like it has much integration with my speakers (they are not the AES67 model).
The Anubis in which the Neumann MT48 is based off of has Sonarworks SoundID integrated, whereas the MT48 does not.
I have yet to buy the MA1 microphone as it's quite costly... and I already have the Sonarworks mic. (some suggestions here?)

But in my home setup, I'd only really be recording vocals and acoustic guitars at the most. The RME ADI-2-PRO FS R seems like it would suffice my input requirements, yet deliver a better(?) overall listening experience, along with some welcome nice features like DSP (compression and eq on mic in for streaming/voice calls). I know the MT48 also has that but as it stands, it seems the RME is cheaper by a bit. Slight Pro for the RME also - it can be rack mounted.
For electric guitars I'll be running through the AXE FX 3 anyways, so I'll likely use the AES out from the AXE FX 3 into the RME as it looks like it can receive it.
My TV inputs arent the most important (just for watching netflix or D+), I'll just be running it into the 18i20 either as line input or into one of the mic pres and connect the 18i20 to the RME via ADAT.

With what I'm sharing, it sounds to me like I'm already leaning towards the RME. But I'd like to ask ASR Peeps if my thought process is correct and if I'm missing out any considerations?
I'm assuming that the RME ADI-2-PRO FS R will provide a better listening/mixing/mastering experience compared to the MT48 - Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

sonitus mirus

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Apr 19, 2021
What about grabbing the RME Babyface Pro FS along with the RME DAC in your list? It would be not significantly more over the MT48, and it is an excellent combo with a ton of flexibility. Also, TotalMix FX looks amazing; though, I have not had an opportunity to use it myself, as I've only seen demos.



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May 15, 2019
The OP is somewhwat confused or in error. The ADI-2 Pro is an AD/DA converter, not a recording interface. No mixer, and definitely no compression available...

The UCX II would be a better match.


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May 31, 2019
Liège, Belgium
I've basically narrowed down my search for my next audio interface to these two (but feel free to recommend others!)
As @MC_RME explained, you have neither mic preamp nor compression on the RME ASI-2 Pro fs R. It's not meant for that usage.
As he did, I'd recommend the RME UCX II instead, which includes all you need.

I use it when I need a desktop mic and compression.
It's a good device, very coherent.
Totalmix and Durec are 2 nice included additions.
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