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Need help to find my new DAP


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May 23, 2022
Hi folks,
i need your knowledge to decide which new DAP i want to buy!
After a short Dongle use i feel that a Dongle is not my way to go, way too klunky!
My old Hiby R2 is good for the size but the sound is meh and WIFI, BT is useless.

I want to spend about 300-400€.
I dont want to run big cans with the DAP, actually using Ikko OH10.

What the DAP should be:
I listen 70% Tidal streams and 30% offline so a good WIFI is mandatory.
A good and lagfree interface.
Not too big, should fit in my pocket.
Should last at least 3-4 Years.

After a little research i found these 3:
Ibasso DX160 (used)
Fiio M11 (used)
or Shanling M3X (new)

Can you guys help me which one i should buy and why?
Im a little worried that all of those 3, even the new M3X runs only Android 7-8, dunno if this is a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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