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Need help choosing dolby atmos speakers


New Member
May 8, 2024
Hi guys,
Two years ago I started building a home theater setup. It was post covid, so I bought two front Focal Aria 926, a center Aria 926 speaker, one sub Focal Sub 1000F and two Aria SR900 surround speakers. Well all is great but the local supplier didn't have any compatible atmos speakers. They have told me that 4 Focal Flax Dome 1.0 would be okay for this setup. However almost two years and they have 3 but not 4 pieces. Since the price of the focal is pretty high and I've read here that they have poor performance I am thinking if I should switch to Klipsch for example which are available. I've seen there are R-40S and R-500SA II. There are also Monitor Audio speakers as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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