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help choosing studio monitors for surround sound and atmos


New Member
Apr 13, 2024

I'm new to the group and need help making a decision.

I want to edit with surround sound and Dolby Atmos not only for music production but also surround sound for gaming, for now I will just start with 6 active monitors and 2 subwoofers.

The problem is the budget, because there are quite a few monitors that I have to buy and two subwoofers and looking for used ones and others with an open box because of the budget since my budget is 4000 dollars and I found these options:

Genelec 8020b
yamaha hs8
presonus eris e8xt
focal csm 50

I have found offers of these 4 used options at a good price, which one would you recommend as the best audio quality for what I need, now I also need two subwoofer monitors but the Genelec ones are too expensive even used, and I don't know much about the subject of subwoofers What brand and reference do you recommend for a good value for money subwoofer, since as I said before there are 6 monitors plus two subwoofers that I need.

You can also recommend other monitors for what I need but with the budget that I only have.
You'll get the best value for money subwoofer with a home theater sub from SVS, Monoprice, HSU, etc.

What I'd be interested in is how you're planning on applying room correction and SW integration to the Atmos setup.

For gaming and watching, one could just use an AVR with built-in room correction, but I'm not sure whether that'd work for production.
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