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Need a DAC with more inputs: Suggestions?

Jun 27, 2022
Currently, I have am using a Topping E30 DAC which has only one coax and one optical digital input. It drives a Topping A90 discrete, which drives a power amp or headphones. I seem to have too many digital sources (4):

Coax for music file storage input (Naim Core)
Optical for TV sound input
Coax (or optical) for streamer input (currently a BlueSound Node 3i supplying Tidal or internet radio)
Coax (or optical) for CD Input (even with the other sources, I still like to put on a CD from time to time)

At the moment, the Node internal DAC can be used to give an analog input to the A90 (saving one digital DAC input), but to get the CD into the A90, I need to use a player with in internal DAC, and would then need get an input extender for the A90. I suppose I could upgrade the Node to the Node X with its better DAC, but Ideally, I would just like to use one good quality DAC. None of the Topping offerings seem to have more than two digital inputs. Any suggestions?


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Feb 5, 2019
Pacific Northwest
I use and recommend a coax (or toslink) switchbox. You can also get coax/toslink converters, for consistency. They are transparent and only cost a few bucks, and some even have remote control.
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