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My First Build Log - Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kit


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Feb 16, 2022
Hello everyone! All my materials are coming in today, so I thought I’d start a build log. I’ve been lurking & learning for a while but recently I took the plunge and ordered these speakers.

The Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kits are put together by Dennis Murphy, and as of today cost $325 per pair + $22 shipping. It arrived very quickly in separate packages from Dennis, and Parts Express. This kit is based on the same hardware as the Parts-Express BR-1 kit, but with a redesigned 14 element crossover. Everything arrived well packaged.


There’s not a lot of “DIY” to this build since the crossovers arrive from Dennis pre-built. I thought that would make it ideal for my first project. To add a little bit of a challenge, I’ll be refinishing the cabinets to match my office.


My plan is to wrap these in gloss white vinyl, and change out the grill cloth with grey fabric - not unlike the Jamo C 93 II’s.


I’ve gone back and forth a lot on how I planned to power these. My only point of reference is my current thrift store setup (Wharfedale Diamond 7.2’s / Yamaha HTR-5830 / Bose Acoustimass Subwoofer). Initially I ordered an SMSL AO200, however, I’ve recently bought a vintage Pioneer SX-737 receiver that I think I’ll fix up and use for this purpose instead. Still undecided on a DAC - the Geshelli J2 interests me though.


This will all be connected to my computer’s B450 motherboard which has ALC1220 audio - so I don’t think a DAC is necessarily an *urgent* need for me at this stage, but it’s something I’m thinking about. These will be near-field in a medium office - so I think the SX-737’s 35wpc should do the job. I may supplement the low end with a DIY subwoofer in the near future, for the sake of video games!

So - what’s in the boxes! First we’ve got our Parts Express shipment.


These seem fairly good quality. One of the cabinets had a small scuff but it was minor and won’t matter since these are being wrapped anyway. On the same day I also got this box from Parts Express with the woofers.


Not long after I got my package from Dennis with the tweeters, some black mounting hardware, the two assembled crossovers, and denim insulation. Everything came very well packaged.


Finally I have some things I need for the refinish. Heat gun, grill cloth, vinyl tools - and the mounts I’m considering using to hang these from the wall. They’d be toed in, and tilted in the hopes of directing them a bit better and giving the rear port some air. My other option was French cleats.


3M Vinyl comes in this afternoon, so I can start the process of building them- though it might take a couple days if I need some additional stuff (I think I may still need some gasketing tape for the drivers, and some adhesive for the new grill fabric). The receiver won’t be in for another week - but I still have the AO200 for testing.
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May 26, 2019
Congrats on taking the first step into DIY, it's a fun place to be! Keep us posted on how the end product looks!


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Jan 27, 2022
Dang I didn't know you could do a wrap and change the grill cloth. Only thing that stopped me from buying these was the generic black box, and now they are sold out! Look forward to seeing how yours turn out. The BMRs are just too big for my space.
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