1. U

    SOLD: Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2

    I’m selling a mint condition pair of Ascend Acoustic Sierra 2 speakers in bamboo color. They have the famous RAAL tweeter. I bought these used from someone who owned them for a few years and used them for a speaker shootout. They are in excellent condition. They have a bright sound and I found...
  2. N

    My First Build Log - Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kit

    Hello everyone! All my materials are coming in today, so I thought I’d start a build log. I’ve been lurking & learning for a while but recently I took the plunge and ordered these speakers. The Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kits are put together by Dennis Murphy, and as of today...
  3. Steve Dallas

    Philharmonic BMR Monitor Semi-Objective Review - Road Show Stop 1

    Introduction @Dennis Murphy is generously sending a pair of his Philharmonic BMR Monitor speakers on a road show to various listeners east of that big river over yonder. Somehow, they found their way across it to rural-ish Texas and landed in my home first, before heading back east to continue...
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