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Music For Testing Bass

It is a telarc recording. Track 1 will punch you in the gut !!!!!!
Warning, saxaphone @ 1:15

I would use this back in college in 94, really makes peoples eyebrow go way up on their head using big 3-ways.

Subs don't impress me anymore, midbass does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For songs that I actually use to test bass vs. just songs with impressive bass:

Song starts with a sweep that goes down to 16hz (I looked at the spectrum)

This mix has poorly mixed, weak bass, so if you actually hear the bassline reasonably well, you know the bass on the system is solid or even above neutral:
A nice smooth-jazz album for bass (low Fq) and higher Fq tonality check and tuning

Just for all of your possible reference and interests...

As I have shared here on my project thread in September 2022, I have (almost?) all the CDs of Peter White (smooth jazz, acoustic/electric guitar player), and I incorporated a few of his wonderful tracks in my "Audio Reference Reference/Sampler Playlist".

I assume, as "a whole CD album", Peter White's "CONFIDENTIAL" released on March 23, 2004 would be very nice reference/sampler for not only bass (low Fq) tuning but also the total tonality balance over the whole 16 Hz - 22.05 kHz CD format frequency and dynamic range.

You can hear the entire album on YouTube in rather good sound quality, even though I know nothing about sound compression in YouTube clips and your YouTube listening internet environment and your audio gears;

Just for our possible reference, yesterday I quickly analyzed two tracks of the ripped CD album using Adobe Audition 3.0.1's 3D(Gain/Fq/Time) color spectrum and FFT frequency spectrum.

First, track-06 "Lost Without Your Love";


In the FFT frequency spectrum of the whole 3:35 track, you can clearly observe (and hear) the distinct high-level low Fq sound peaks throughout the track where we have well separated low Fq peaks at 35, 39, 44, 52, 58, 69, 78, 87, 97 and 103 Hz!

I believe you (we) need excellent L&R subwoofers and woofers, both have nice transient behavior with precise time/phase alignment with each other, and nicely tuned DSP-based multichannel multi-amplifier setup dedicatedly and directly driving subwoofers and woofers; furthermore, the amplifiers driving these SP drivers need to have excellent damping factors.

Here, the distortion in woofers caused by overlapped lower subwoofer-zone transient sound should be minimized by appropriate filters in DSP configuration (and built-in filters in active subwoofers).

Four the total tonality tuning of this wonderful track, I assume independent flexible gain tuning for subwoofers, woofers, midranges, tweeters and supertweeters would be needed in DSP domain and analog domain (e.g. ref here).

Second, track-08 "Swept Away";


You would please note, in 0:40 - 0.45 portion, we have "meaningful" very low Fq sound over 16 Hz - 27 Hz even though the gain is not so high. I can clearly hear and feel (by my whole body) the 16 - 27 Hz sound by using the big and heavy L&R subwoofers YAMAHA YST-SW1000 (ref. here).

Details of the latest setup of my DSP-based multichannel multi-SP-driver multi-amplifier fully active stereo audio system can be found here.

Just for your possible further reference and interests, I also have started these two thread relating to audio reference/sampler music playlist; your visit and participation will be much welcome.

- An Attempt Sharing Reference Quality Music Playlist: at least a portion and/or whole track being analyzed by 3D color spectrum of Adobe Audition

- Music for Testing Treble (High Frequency) Sound
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If you want to improve bass on subs, try a DBX 510.

510 Features​

  • Adds a signal an octave below the input signal
  • Two bands 24Hz-36Hz and 36Hz-56Hz
  • Subharmonic control over the strength of the effect
I just ran into another song that my floor speakers are not able to do justice to without a subwoofer.

"Soft Serve" from Soul Coughing. Most of their music is good for testing bass.
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