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The latest CamJam Video ...

Jan 19, 2022
I have just skipped through the latest CamJam preview video on YouTube and I have to say it actually makes me want to fall out with the music I love to listen too! So much marketing and sponsorship bollocks, and as a man who is approaching 51 I've had enough ..

For me this is the most subjective nonsense I have ever watched, and surely intelligent consumers can see through this amalgam of crap!

I've owned enough stereo and headphone systems to know what sounds good, but this is now becoming too much. I can't abide this subjective everything sounds good until the next greatest headphone/dac/amp/streamer comes out and becomes the flavour of the month. And to think that the guys that produce such drivel are making so much money out of this really offends me. I can respect objective measurement-based analysis of a product for sure but what they are doing is just wrong!

Surely it is only a matter of time before informed consumers realise, they are being misled and ripped off! ... I don't want to name and shame a particular manufacturer, but I recently bought headphones that cost in excess of £2,000 and they were poor. They had little to no bass, the midrange was wonky and just sounded dull and flat in general. To think I paid over £2,000 for the privilege of poor sound quality. I noted this point on HeadFi and was shot down by gentlemen from Australia who took umbrage with my opinion. Needless to say, I quickly sold them on eBay, at a loss, and within 6 weeks the buyer has now re-listed them for sale. What does that tell you??

I mean do these people that produce these videos actually believe their own hype? Or are they making so much money that they really don't care? Or are they just so uneducated as to what sounds right and proper? I can understand that taste is subjective, but at the same time we want our audio to sound as accurate and faithful to the original recording. Surely that has to be the goal for any system.

I can also go back to audio magazines from the early 90's in which they raved about various amps/cd players/speakers as providing lifelike reproduction ...Now those components have been superseded and replaced with products that better to a massive degree... Are they? Surely if this is the case then what we can hear today is almost as if the artist in questions is with us live in our own listening space. I despair ...

I'm sorry for the rant but I've had enough ...


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Feb 15, 2019
The industry lives on turn arounds, and various sneaky persuassion techniques proved to be effective when used. It's industry incentive. At best this might be helping audio not stagnate too much even if the tactics are distasteful. Don't expect things to get better though as cost of living increases and birthrates decrease, this strongly affects their bottom line which is the last thing they want.

Luckily you can completely ignore all of this and enjoy your favorite gear for what it is.

Human Bass

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Nov 25, 2018
There is way more good stuff now than before. Just do some research and you will find great stuff for good prices.
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