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Marantz WiiM ELAC Line out levels


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Oct 6, 2023
So this is my first post here so please forgive me if I'm leaving this post in
the wrong section. With all due respect I'm only trying to gain some insight and clarity
into my situation. Typing this on my phone as well so please bare with me. So here it goes:

my setup - WiiM Pro Plus, Marantz Cinema 50, pair of Elac DBR62

I like listening to music loudly. marantz specs
Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive) 110w
Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.7% 2ch Drive) 150w
Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 10% 1ch Drive) 220w
analog input sensitivity 200mv
selectable setting to match impedance of connected speakers between
"4ohms" "6ohms" and "8ohms" - 3 selectable settings

Elac dbr 62 specs
nominal imedance 6 ohms
max input power 120w
suitable for amplifiers 4ohms - 8ohms

WiiM Pro Plus specs
line out output voltages selections "500mv" "800mv"
"1V" and "2V"

i have my wiim internet streaming going rca output to rca input on marantz
then just standard speaker wire cable going to my pair of elac bookshelf speakers
pure direct mode obviously

supposedly the DAC in wiim is performing best at either the 1v or 2v output settings
has been quantifiably measured previously before on the internet. i actually think
that it kind of gave the highest sinad at 2v then slightly lower for 1v then slightly
lower for 800mv and lower for 500mv and so on and so forth etc etc...
so what I'm trying to accomplish here is in the pursuit of liking bit perfect
audio transmission or as close as I possibly can be to it...crystal clear audio
transmission. not a big fan of room correction..or at least it does not suit my
needs or is not really necessary for my somewhat simple setup...just in the
pursuit of good old fashioned high fidelity audio quality, accurate reproduction,
and natural musicality without any kind of extra dsp etc. and without blowing
or overloading my amplifier or speakers, how exactly would you go about setting
this up. i've been fiddling around with the different voltage outputs on the wiim
app and ive been trying to set various volume limits on the avr like at 70% etc
and then 50% volume limit on wiim app and go without a volume limit on the avr etc etc
i'm trying to coax the max output power of my speakers but also maintain
signal and sonic and sound integrity to the best of my ability. oh, and also maybe it is
worth mentioning that i do prefer the dac of the wiim pro plus. the wiim pro plus
might seem like a whole completely and entirely unnecessary unit or feature
or addition the the lineup that ive got. but from what i can tell i think the dac
in the marantz is kinda less than stellar. i think the marantz is basically
like the denon x3800. good amp. less than stellar dac. and i think the denon
x3800 is the basically the same as the x3700 with an inferior dac. i think
theyre all kind of the same x3700 x3800 c50 = same amp

x3800 c50 = same amp and same dac

x3700 v2 and x3800 and c50 = same amp and same dac

but either way, ive kind of laid out some of my goals here and done some
research and wondering how you might personally go about setting these
things up and making sure you dont have overloading the speakers in
the back of your mind while adjusting the volume and maybe it should be noted
also that the marantz also has two different selectable volume scales to use
(one is an absolute scale and the other is a relative scale)
whereas within the wiim app there are the 4 selectable output voltages and
then an additional 0%-100% in 1 percent increments volume scale and a volume
lock too which locks in the percentage.

but basically what im trying to do here is get best audio quality and highest possible
sinad lowest thd etc. and get the maximum volume possible out of my
speakers but also trying to kind of maybe figure out a solution where i can
kind of just "set it and forget it" as far as the volume goes in the wiim app
because i really dont like picking up my phone all the tims while i already have
music cued up and i dont even use the wiim remote
i just like using the remote for my receiver to change my volume

and so i also like wiim app better for selecting music by the way, i think its better
and more easy to use than the heos app. last thing i want to say is that
im basically trying not to damage my equipment either my speakers or my receiver
but i want to be able to get the loudest possible volume and maintain the integrity
of my components, and preserve them, while also trying to get the most natural
and best audio quality out of them, and be able to utilize as much of the
volume spectrum on my receiver as possible, because i realize thats really
the main way that i like adjusting the volume, but if nothing else, i would really just
like a way where im knowing that i can my receiver volume up all the way to where
i know that my speakers are just before the limit of being maxed out even if its
a "user-imposed volume limit on my avr"

these are my goals, any help would be much appreciated, any recommendations
that any of you might have at all please just let me know, and im sorry for the long
winded and rambling post. and im sorry if this was posted wrongly or in the wrong
section, with all due respect, happy to be here and thankful for the asr community

and i wish you all the best
You ain't kidding about the rambling. What is the output voltage of a typical CD player? It is 2 volts. Set the Wiim to 2 volts. Done. The volume limit is when the sound starts to distort. If you can't hear that, then bit perfect isn't an issue.
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