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Loud constant thumping noise when I mute the radio or turn the volume down to 0.


Oct 24, 2023
Loud constant thumping noise when I mute the radio or turn the volume down to 0.....sounds like the speakers could blow if left on too long. This happens when I turn on to FM and Bluetooth connection. Also the speakers are making static/hissing noise. Also, makes a popping noise when switching from FM to Bluetooth, USB..... I really need some help to try to trouble shoot this.

I have a Camper and the radio is a Jensen JWM22 RV radio that only puts out 6w X 4 ch ..... 2 speakers inside the camper and 2 speakers out side. I’ve connected a small Pioneer GM-D1004 amplifier class D 4 channel RMS of 45w X 4 using high inputs (only option I have). I only connected the 2 outside speakers…..only using 2 of the 4 channels. The other 2 channels are not being used at this time. The 2 speakers I’m using are DS18 ZXI-454 (4x6) with RMS 60w per speaker. The amplifier already has a ground and power wire connected to the wire harness 14 gauge.

I connected a car amplifier to the stereo and it makes static noise that is very noticeable, even when playing music. Without the amplifier it makes very little noise …barely noticeable when the volume is muted. I’ve unconnected and reconnected everything and it still makes the noise. Also, when I turn down the volume to zero or mute the volume it makes a very loud continuous popping and other loud noises until I turn the volume back on. I’ve connected power and ground to the battery and I also tried using a different battery. Also tried connecting the ground to the frame.

Any suggestions on what I could do to fix this?

I would like to add a subwoofer one day for tailgating …my main concern is getting the above fix

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