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Lexicon MC10 + HypexNC252 for HT/Stereo Setup


Apr 29, 2022
I am looking to set up a system for both home theater and stereo listening. I have settled on the Kef LS50 Meta speakers (5 channels) as well as a SVS sub. Stereo sources would be turntable, CD player, streaming. Multichannel would include Bluray player, gaming console, and streaming. Stereo listening would either be room corrected or in direct mode.

I can get a used Lexicon MC10 (AV prepro) for relatively cheap (~1000). I have heard it is a rebadged ARCAM 860 (review for the 850). Reading the review, it seems that there are some performance concerns, however, I am not sure if any of them rise to the level of audibility? I was comparing to the Denon x3700, which reviewed well, but costs more, and doesn't come with Dirac Live/Logic7. Since my room setup is far from ideal (open living room area with hard floors), I am assuming that room correction is key, and apparently, Dirac Live performs the best. Are the measured performance concerns enough to pass on the receiver? I have also heard many folks have some form of HT bypass/stereo components as well as a HT AVR, but I can't see the benefit of this: with a well performing AV prepo/amp, why have separate stereo components?

Also, I am planning on powering the LS50 Metas with HypexNC252s. Apparently these speakers are on the lower end of sensitivity and have low impedance. The amp modules are rated for 250W/4ohms, is this enough headroom/power? I am also concerned about the gain (25db) on the amplifier modules, do AV prepros drive their balanced outs to sufficient voltages to drive speakers to reasonable power?


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Mar 18, 2022
The X3700 alone does everything you need and has plenty of power for the LS50 Meta at common listening levels with SINAD in its 90ties at 5W (KEF recommends Max 100W). The LS50 are excellently measuring and sounding speakers but are simply not made to blow off the walls or fill huge rooms as they start distorting at higher levels due not having a separate bass woofer. If you want louder get R3 or R7. 250W way overkill.

Here you can check the power required for your individual situation and preferences.

Dirac vs Audyssey. I haven’t seen any real hard evidence that one or the other sounds better. Mainly subjective anecdotal personal preferences.
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