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JBL Professional 708P Bi-Amplified 8-Inch Master Reference Monitor


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Mar 22, 2020
what do you attribure the differnce to - sample variations or or the measurements? Is the differnce meaningful in real real terms?
thank you.

It was the same speaker sample in both tests.

Apparently there was a felt pad on the bottom of the speaker that didn't allow the speaker to sit perfectly level on the measurement platform during Amir's measurements (speaker was tilted slightly forward). When the speaker was tested by Erin the felt pad was removed and the speaker was level.

Unless Amir noticed the felt pad and leveled the speaker via some other means (which I have not heard), this is very likely the cause of the differences in response.

Notice how well the bass and lower mids, as well as the Directivity Index and Total Sound Power track track between the measurements.
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