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Interface para android | Motu m2


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Feb 1, 2023
Hello, I have been researching for hours in this forum, I can see many expert people...

But I didn't find a conclusive answer...

I want a 192khz recorder like the motu m2,

They say that it is very good in its price range, there is nothing better, not even for ~50 dollars around the motu m2.

But I want it to use it with Android without losing quality...

Is it possible to use it for Android?

For use with a Rodé ntg3 microphone

I wonder if it's possible or if you recommend another interface at that price range.

I don't want to use something Zoom because they say it has a lot of noise...

What do you recommend? Buy the motu m2?

Will it work for android?

The iD14 does work for android but it doesn't record at 192khz ya que editaré el audio y las voces bastante

What interface do you recommend for andoird for around 250 USD on Amazon
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