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Interesting Eversolo DMP A6 RCA vs XLR/RCA output ..


Feb 3, 2021
I love my A8 so much I picked up a A6ME for my patio system .
My amp is an old B&K EX-442 200w /ch , dual mono I’ve owned for 30+ years and works perfectly - recently serviced.
It only has RCA inputs.

I hooked up the new A6 via RCA cables and selected RCA as the output.
The volume was VERY low - much lower than I would have thought since it outputs over 2v RCA and the input sensitivity of the amp is only 1.55v for full power …. Had to turn the volume to -20db to get decent volume - not the way my Cambridge 851n reacted with 2v output via RCA into same amp.

I was puzzled …

After a few hours I selected XLR/RCA output just to see what would happen - and the output doubled… perfect !

selecting XLR/RCA must provide the RCA outputs with the XLR’s full 5v vs the RCA’s 2.5v.

Is this normal ?

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