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Integrated Amp/Reverberator Connections

Confused Old Man

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Jul 23, 2022
Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct location. If not, please feel free to move it.

I just purchased a silver S-A1200 Yamaha integrated amp. to replace my old Kenwood KA-501 integrated amp that I purchased new many moons ago. I wanted things to still look vintage. The Kenwood still worked well, but the pots needed frequent cleaning. I have also owned a Pioneer SR-303 reverberator since new too. With my old KA-501 Kenwood integrated amp, the SR-303 could be used with all of my components (turntable (JVC QL-Y5F), tuner (Kenwood KT-815), CD player (New Rotel CD 14MKII) and purchased new JVC KD-A33 tape deck).

With my new Yamaha integrated amp, the Pioneer reverberator only works with the tape deck. Visually, it appears to be working with all of the components (puzzling?), but there is only audible reverberation with the tape deck.

In my old age, I could be missing something.

Right now, I have the reverberator inputs going to the amp's line 2 out terminals. Its outputs are going to the amp's line 2 input terminals.

The reverb's record connections are going to the tape deck's line in (rec) connections. Its play connections are going to the tape deck's line out (play) terminals.

What Yamaha has said about the pre-out and main in terminals is as follows (I was going to try hooking up through them):

"You cannot use the MAIN IN jack or the PRE-OUT for your application. And you will damage the A-S1200 if you use these connections for this purpose.

Modern units do not have Tape Monitor feature which is needed for your Reverb unit to affect all inputs.

It just can't be done." They suggest "... to use the Reverb is by connecting it in line between one of your sources and one of the Line/CD/Tuner inputs on the A-S1200." Is that not what I'm doing now? Also, does that mean that the reverb will only work with the component that it is in line with?

If tried, would I hook up to the MAIN IN and PRE-OUT jacks the same way as I'm hooked up now?


Confused Old Man
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