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I missed out!


Nov 25, 2021
I live in Denver, CO and I'm an audio nut and I had no idea this was even a thing! Wow, I guess I'm not the audio nut I think I am. I'm still having a hard time processing the fact that I missed out on something like this. I have only heard of it here and I just joined as I am shopping for some new towers to fill a gap in my mostly Klipsch system. I was reading a thread about the technical data on one of the brands I'm looking at and wanted to join in on the fun but I saw this area about RMAF and got sidetracked. Anyway, bummer for me and Greetings, I just signed up and as usual, I totally spaced the introductions area so I will promptly head over there now and properly introduce myself. I get ahead of me a lot, please excuse the enthusiasm...
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