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Hello from UK

Sep 6, 2019

I am from UK and software architect by trade with masters in computer science engineering. Started selling assembled x86 PC's with Windows 3.0/3.1/95 and B/W monitors before moving to software.

I have been following the forum for a few years but never put effort into registering until now.

I stumbled across this forum when I was researching to upgrade DAC's. Thanks, Amirm for your mythbusting efforts in the audio world. I am sure you have forced multiple manufacturers to do proper testing and measurements before releasing products. Well done.

As others here, this forum has fed my DAC update bug. Before being a regular visitor here I had a NAD DAC 1, then a WXC-50. After visiting quickly moved to SMSL-SU8, Topping D70 and now a Sabaj D5. The WXC-50 has been demoted to being a network streamer/player.

My foray into Audio was slow and moved from Onkyo AVR with Wharfedale speakers during the early 2000's and in mid 2000's to 720P AVR. Then moving to Acoustic energy Aelite with Yamaha RX V2067 for 1080p along with OPPO Bluray player. This is where I started to hear stereo music in speakers as my son had grown a little and Yahama AVR / Oppo combo having decent enough audio modules. Thus my headphone listening and iPod phase ended.

Later moved to a Denon AVR for 4k and currently with a Marantz SR7011 for ATMOS. The current LR speakers are IPL acoustics S5TL (DIY), with SVS Ultra Centre and surrounds with XTZ atmospheric for atmos.

My dedicated stereo foray started late with a CXA80 amp (doing desktop duties now) and a yamaha A-S2100. My current desktop speakers are Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2.

Never concentrated on the electronics lectures in University, whish I did then. I blame it on the classmates who said Computer guys dont need to know what happens inside the box. All i can do now is use a multimeter, wire speakers, make XLR and RCA cables.


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Feb 13, 2016
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words. It is true that computer science guys don't need to know a lot about what is inside the box. But if they do, they will be a clear step above alt the rest of computer science majors. :)


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Sep 12, 2018
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I've similar education and professional background as yours: Masters in Computer Science, expertise in relational database design, data mining, interactive programming, UI/UX design.

I dabbled briefly in electronics as a teen, it never really appealed to me much, though; was a Biology prodigy - not a brag, just a fact; stated that I wanted to be a "mad scientist" when asked what I wanted to be when I grow up on the first day of elementary school at 5 years old - the rest of the classroom fell silent and stared at me.

As for hardware, both audio and computing, I know enough about it to understand if it'll suit my needs based upon specifications and performance measurements. Other than that, I don't really care about it... :cool:

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