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Headphones for classical music/opera listening


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Jan 30, 2023

Need your support and advise please regarding a pair of headphones to fit my needs of listening mainly to classical, opera music

I'm using a Xperia 5 iv, have also a Qudelix, very seldom I listen via a computer

Budget: 500 Euro

I prefer neutral sound, with a decent soundstage, and to be engaging

I lean towards Sennheiser HD 600, Hifiman Edition XS, Sundara

Do you have other suggestions? Edition XS costs 100 euro more than HD600 in my region

Thanks a lot
Some Hifiman do have quality issues and are not the most lightweight ones.
With the XS the pad is a bit large in size and not everyone likes this. The sound is excellent for classical.

Perhaps consider the cheaper HD560S as well. Better 'headstage' than HD600 and a bit livelier with classical than HD600, which can be a bit 'boring' comparatively.
The Sundara is fine and is nice for classical. I use it regularly for this and other genres. To my ears it just lacks some dynamics compared to my my Beyerdynamic DT700 ProX which, out of my HP's is to my old ears the best for Classical. - Both require EQ imho.

I don't have the 600 but an HD58X Jubilee which I just received after some delays at Drop. - A fun HP great for casual listening and of course entirely usable for classical but technically behind the above two and a technically competent Headphone is what you'd ideally want for classical.

All in my ho.
Sennheiser hd600 or hd650. In general Open back. With the widest stage you can obtain is nice. I’m usually a planar man nut for orchestral I like dynamic drivers.
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