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Goodhertz plugins: some help for beginners


Jun 18, 2023

As a beginner, I'm looking for some feedback on my configuration of Goodhertz plugins, and general setup. Are there any obvious mistakes? Thank you very much for any comments!

Some explanations:
1. I haven't yet used Tiltshift and don't plan on using it much.
2. I plan on using Tone Control more in place of the equivalent (but less sophisticated) CanOpener controls.
3. Mac Volume is limited to 43% as maximum by VolumeLimiter (0%....43%) to prevent unintended loud sound from coming from my headphones by mistake. Audio player apps are constantly at 58%. The reason for this is that I use the Mac volume controls and these values result in steps-per-keystroke that I find helpful (one keystroke of F11/F12 -> not too much and not too little change in volume.
4. AUNBandEQ is oratory1990's EQ data for my headphones. (Yes, I need better headphones and will get some soon!)
5. I have added that +6db 10-Band-EQ because I listen to volumes around 6-8db below the volume used when the Harman curve was made - even though oratory says the results are supposedly irrespective of volume. The +6db are related to the -8db in CanOpener that are then partly compensated for. So the idea of all of this is to reduce volome, apply compensation for reduction of volume, but then add volume again, because the original listening volume IS already reduced (it's the 43%). (Instead, I could have increased the 43% - then I would not have needed to add the +6db EQ; also, I know I could have added the 6db elsewhere.) (The compensation just adds small amounts in the lower frequencies, and removes some in the higher frequencies, apparently, when volume is decreased.)
6. In about 10% of cases, I will apply changes manually for a specific track (unfortunately the settings cannot be saved for a track and then automatically assigned when it plays.)
6.1 In those cases, I tend to add a little bit of bass, and sometimes remove treble in CanOpener. (For example, I was able to make an EM track much more enjoyable by removing treble that had made the beat very piercing, and adding bass which made it warmer and more relaxing.)
6.2 Then there are those songs that have strong ... channel separation (??). What I mean is that some sound is very much only coming from one side, which I find very distracting and annoying. Even though the plugins also mitigate this problem, I will then, for those tracks, apply these changes:
In MidSide: Increase "Mono Below" Frequency and Strength, and reduce Stereo Width
In CanOpener: Increase Crossfeed. (I'm not quire sure but reducing Angle might also help IIRC?)

I was told there might be an improved version of CanOpener upcoming. What features would you like to see added to CanOpener? When I find time, I'll post a "wishlist" of what I'm missing in CanOpener -- I'm curious about your opinions here.

Also hadn't realized these plugins also work on Windows. I'm on Mac, obviously, but I was wondering: Is there any DAW software for Windows that's free and that can run those plugins (just for listening)? Also, what is it exactly with those library limitations for "some installations of Win11" that cause issues? Anyone know?

Some final remarks: I wasn't really able to notice improvements immediately from the oratory preset, but I would have to do much more testing and comparing. My take is that it will simply make stuff sound more as it was originally intended. The effect of Midside is noticeable, nice, but not very strong - it's more what it can take away (!) when so desired that makes it powerful for my use. It also depends on the song, sometimes you notice clearly, sometimes not so much. CanOpener has a very noticeable effect for me, it makes music sound much less "inside my head", which I very much prefer. I get less listening fatigue as a result.

I am NOT happy about there being loads of plugins, I whished everything were in one plugin. Very annoying.

Thanks for reading!


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