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Emotiva a-100 alternative

Jan 24, 2019
hi peeps ! as the title says , I am looking for an alternative for the a-100 .. Simply because i have no use of the Speaker output , i just need the high headphone output for my Argon mk3 and also because its gigantic on my desk !

so yea , i was wondering if there is any unit that you guys could point out for me ... the price/performance is really good on the emotiva tho !


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Feb 6, 2018
The thx aaa... god knows when it redrops. I would honestly not settle for anything else, just hit that "request" button.
My previous amp was the A-100 too. It is quite good, especially on noise floor tolerant headphones. Not so for sensitive ones.

Stick with it until you can buy the thx and you're good :) until then it will more than suffice but yeah it's kinda huge. THX is much smaller btw.

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