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Definition of PEQ parameters


Jan 8, 2024
Hi all,

thanx for providing these interesting measurements, I just discovered this page! I have a Sennheiser HD598SE and tried to use the EQ settings provided here

I don't quite understand the PEQ settings when comparing with the provided graph and the data provided in the second post of that thread. There is a low shelf with 6dB which should make the EQ curve go to +6 when f -> 0. However, the graph shows a value around 4 dB. I suppose the difference stems from the total gain indicated by the yellow line which is around -2dB (maybe -2.1?)

However, the next post (by user @sweetchaos) indicates a preamp setting of -7.1dB. Maybe it should be -2.1dB??

Also, which definition for Q is used here? Is this Q the same as the "RBJ Q" in REW (see last table on that page)?

Maybe these settings are explained somewhere, I have searched but could not find any info, sorry if this is a FAQ.


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May 19, 2020
New York
With a response like the HD598SE it isn’t clear what should be the “zero” point for the target, so different EQ profiles can have different gains at a certain frequency.

The Sweetchaos preamp of -7.1 dB is needed because the last +7 dB filter will clip without it. I think Roon already avoids clipping.

I believe Roon uses the RBJ Q definition.
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