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DACS Are A Waste of Money (article)


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Jun 6, 2019
Woodstock, NY
Sure to cause some controversy is this article from Sound Guys.

Some interesting quotes:
"Because DACs are a largely spec-driven item, you can almost always pick out the one you need simply by looking at the packaging."

And next:
"FiiO makes plenty good products for cheap, and if you want an amplifier to go along with the DAC so you never have to worry about that either, their E10K is a solid pick for under $100. You could also decide to throw money at the problem by picking up an ODAC or O2 amp + ODAC combo, but that may be overkill. But seriously, don’t sink too much money into this. It’s just not worth it. "

Amir just did a video on this next quote:
"For example, I try to limit my sessions to about 75dBSPL so I don’t cook my ears prematurely. "


Apr 7, 2018
Your title is a bit disingenuous, the main point of the article is that upgrading a DAC is a waste of money. I wouldn't have thought many people here would disagree with that. Pick one that has the features you need. Done!
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