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DAC studio interface multichannel out, MOTU Ultralight Mk5 still best?

Oak Island Matt

New Member
Jan 12, 2023
Hi fellow enthusiasts!

I am looking for a new DAC/interface with 8 or 10 balanced outputs.
Is MOTU Ultralight Mk5 still the best choice for me?

I have a workshop where I manufacture some hifi gear for a high end brand and while doing that I listen to music on Spotify or Tidal, pods and discussions etc on youtube.

During that I sometimes do some critical listening but the main evaluation of what I manufacture is done by my client.
Sometimes I wanna watch a movie on a big sound transparent screen with friends and/or family,
Sometime I play my guitars and sing in the rig and want to be able to record on my computer via a DAW like Cubase.
If the interfase could be brought to my gigs to play my guitars trough to use the preamps, effects, eq etc. it might be useful.

My audio gear setup is shifting. Sometimes I have a pair of speakers with internal passive crossovers as near/mid field monitors. Sometimes I wanna be able to go all in and use per channel 21" in sealed cabs, 6x15" in open baffels, 2x8" and AMT tweeters. and everything between. So I need at least 8 channels, and maybe two more if I wanna try subs in the back of the room. Crossover etc. is usually done in JRiver.

Amps are also shifting. I got 20-30 something and test my clients too.
He/they have the possibility to let me borrow/buy some MBS DACS of theirs but the eight channel The Theater Master is just too expensive for me to even consider dreaming of...

So, Is the MOTU Ultralight Mk5 still the best choice for me? Or is there any better at a reasonable similar price range?

Cheers from Vikingland


Major Contributor
Aug 7, 2019
AFAIK yes, it is still the best but I am happy to stand corrected by others
If you don't need a studio interface (=you don't care about inputs) then the Topping DM7 would be the best choice since that is the best multichannel DAC available today on the market, measurement-wise
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