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Dac+Amp recommendations for Bayer T1 / Stax


Feb 17, 2024
Hi folks, looking for recommendations on a single DAC+AMP combo unit for the following 2 setups. Budget is around $1500. Looking for a combo unit only to reduce wires and reclaiming space. Preferably with bluetooth input and simultaneous output to both setups. Primary source will be a mac. Thanks!

Mac/PC ------Bluetooth/USB------> ??? ------------3 pin XLRs------------> Balanced Beyerdynamic T1 (V1)
                                   |---------RCA--------> Woo GES ------> STAX SR007
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TheTopping DX9 is future proof, but it depends which T1 you have. If it's 3rd Gen you could get a DX5 Lite and save a ton.
Original V1, the 600ohms. Didn't know they changed that. Updated post.

Yea been lurking the DX9 thread. Looks like getting it shipped from audiophonics to USA might be the cheapest. Otherwise maybe via shenzenaudio on Amazon. But this and apos seem to have hit or miss reviews from a support perspective.

Was initially considering the RME ADI 2, but guessing it will be hard to drive the T1.
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Yea, 2x 3-pin versions
Finding a DAC+Amp with native 2x 3pin XLR Headphone output will be very difficult.

I recommend you either consider using an adapter to convert 2x 3pin to the much more common 4.4mm Pentaconn or 4pin XLR port, or replacing the headphone cable with a native 4pin XLR or 4.4mm Pentaconn cable.
Was initially considering the RME ADI 2, but guessing it will be hard to drive the T1.
The ADI-2 DAC can drive the T1 1st Gen to an insane 120dB SPL Peak.

That's a cool 1600% of my usual listening volume.

Suffice to say, you should never listen at that volume if you care about your hearing.
Ah good to know, I was misinformed. Guessing then the biggest thing I miss out on is Bluetooth input. But gain a DSP and the remote software which seems nice. And then I have use my XLR to 1/4 adapter. Also more readily available from more reputable sellers.
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