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DAC/amp recommendation for iphone+linux desktop


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Sep 20, 2023
I am a linux desktop user (running Arch currently) that has an Apple Music subscription. Both don't play well, since there is no Apple Music client for linux that supports lossless streaming.
At first, I thought that having an Airplay server on my PC could solve the problem, but Airplay is limited to 48/24 and doesn't allow hires streaming.
Now I'm looking into a DAC/amp that has multiple USB connections so that I can connect it to the PC and the iphone at the same time. The goal is to use one heaphones/DAC combo and to avoid switching cables and/or headsets. Both sources do not need to be able to play at the same time (switching sources from the DAC is an acceptable solution). And both sources will connect to the DAC via USB.

It seems quite difficult to find a DAC/amp at a reasonable price (max ~400 USD/EUR) that has multiple USB inputs.
Would anyone have a recommendation or another solution to be able to stream Apple Music with that given setup.

Thank you in advance!
How about you connect the iPhone via Toslink (UT23) and the PC via USB, or vice versa?

Tons of DAC+Amp AIOs come with both USB and Toslink in, so that would give you lots of options to choose from.
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