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BOSE Cinemate 130


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Oct 2, 2023
I have owned a Bose Cinemate 130 for a number of years. I know, I know there are a lot of Bose haters out there but please bear with me. It has been a great little entry level home theater system for the little apartment I lived in when I bought the system, so it has served its purpose. I unboxed it, connected the cables, plugged my sources into the handy HDMI plugs, plugged in the wireless Acoustimass module, went through the little ADAPTiQ ceremony and poof! I had sound. And for the most part it has served me well for the price.

In a recent move, I inspected the back of the console and saw a plug that puzzled me. It was for "Acoustimass Module" (see attached photo and look for the plug on the right). Looking at the Acoustimass unit itself, there appeared to be a corresponding plug labeled "Console". I say puzzled because this bass unit is supposed to be wireless and yet here's these little plugs which suggest that the Acoustimass and the console can be connected with a wire. Is this some kind of opotion? I have scoured both the Bose Support pages and the web in general but I see no mention of optional support by wire. And yet, if you search "Cinemate 130 acoustimass cable" using Google, there appears to be plenty of sellers happy to sell me a cable.

Q: Does anyone out there have any experience with the use of this optional cable?

I am asking because while the wireless Acoustomass module was super easy to set up and use, it has beeen far from flawless. I have chased numerous "gremlins" causing interference in the connection between the acoustimass and the console resulting in an annoying "intermittent" drop out of the Acoustimass. When I saw this port, I had to wonder if this might be a solution.

Thanks, in advance, to anyone willing to share.
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