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Best way to upgrade stereo system


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Feb 11, 2024
Hello ,
First thank you for all the forum information. Second sorry for my English.
I have a traditional stereo system I built with second hand material. Focal aria 948 around 1000e, nc500 x2 around 500e, and some money for the source.
I want to upgrade the source/dac with peq/dirac implementation.

I don't know in 2024 the best way to do that.

1: sell my actual system and by an All In One system like ls60 (around 4000e), SA legend 40.2 silverback (around 2500e), small bookshelf like Dynaudio 200XD (around 600e) kef ls50wII (around 1500e).
(All the price is 2nd hand actually in France)

2: By a Dirac like NAC C658 (around 1000e and the unit is too big for my furniture) or RME ADI who need source (800e) or other?

I had never try an active speaker in my personal house to see if it is superior to my actual passive speaker. I don't know to if active speaker with DSP crossover need room correction like passive (more or less)

Actually I'm not happy with airplay and raspberry. I don't know why but it seems to be worths than local file. And I'm not happy with minidsp 2x4DH with standby sound and lack of XLR.

I need to have a simple way to control an connect to the TV source and music streaming. My wife don't like change the way to control music every week with my try...

I hope it is in the good section

Tank you
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