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Best setup for Oppo UDP-205 and Minidsp SHD


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Jan 29, 2022

I am new to this forum so please be gentle :)

My setup consisted of a Naim amplifier, B&W CM10's and a Minidsp SHD for room correction. As source, I had a Marantz SA8005 and Marantz NA8005. Recently, I have replaced the SA8005 by the Oppo UDP-205, both for playing movies and (SA)CD's.

The Oppo is supposed to have a superior DAC so when playing CD's I would like to use the analog output of the Oppo. But when using the Minidsp for room correction, it would convert any analog signal to digital first, then correct it, and finally convert it back to analog. That is a lot of DA/AD conversions...

For streaming audio from my NAS, maybe I could use the streaming functionality of the Minidsp and output the corrected signal digitally (S/PDIF) and feed that into the Oppo (Coaxial digital input) where the DAC does its magic and connect the Oppo to the amplifier (using RCA). Would that work? Is the S/PDIF output from the Minidsp compatible with the Coaxial digital input of the Oppo? Any cable suggestions?

But what would be the best setup for playing CD's?

I can use the Oppo for both playing CD's and stream audio from my NAS, but is there any way I could use the DAC in the Oppo and not have multiple DA/AD conversions?

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Jan 17, 2020
While Oppo's DAC is theoretically 'better' than the SHD's, the difference is almost certainly well below the limits of human hearing. If you are doing room correction with the SHD that will have vastly more effective improvent on the sound. I would just take the digital out from the Oppo to the SHD and forget the Oppo has a DAC at all ...
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