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Best replacement for Arcam AVR600?


New Member
Jun 16, 2020
Goudhurst, Kent, UK
Hi everyone. First post on here from me. Love the technical review of the Arcam AVR850 but slightly depressing reading. Was looking at that or a Lexicon RV-9 as replacement for my Arcam AVR600. Now I'm really not at all sure. In the UK you can pick up an RV-9 for £2,500 which is basically 45% of full price. Ordinarily this would be fantastic news as it's an Arcam clone and usually this is a great thing.

You can see the kit I'm running in my signature. I love music. I would love better resolution, accuracy and depth at medium volumes - with wife and children I never get near reference. I've always felt it all sounds a bit woolly. Would love to sharpen it up a tiny bit. At the same time I love the warmth. The Arcam was the best thing I ever bought. Huge improvement on my earlier receiver, Denon AVC-A10SE - which I also loved.

I am not interested in running an Atmos setup. I've gone from 2 subs to 1 - my wife required it. And no height speakers. I run a 7.1 setup which is lovely and more than enough. I just want it working properly! Looking to sell my Meridian power amps for the L/R and just relying on the amps in my new AVR.

So - what would you recommend?
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