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Best modern amplituner for Dali Rubicon 6


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Aug 9, 2023
Hello guys i recently bought a good pair of Dali Rubicon 6's, so the current setup is:
Dali Rubicon 6 (front) bi-wired via chord odyssey2 to Onkyo RZ-800
Dali Opticon Vokal
Dali Opticon 2 (on the back)
Dali K-14 as sub
I was reading Amir's reviews which got me interested how detailed they are i narrowed a few options, tell me what you think:
- Denon X4700h (i can buy it used in my country for around ~1750 USD, cheapest option that im considering the most)
- NAD T 778 (i can buy it used for around ~2250 USD i love the aesthetics but im concerned about the sound after reading the review on this site)
- Denon X6700h (I can buy it used for around 2500 USD)

According to Amir's reviews X4700h looks better on paper (i'm looking the most at SINAD in the test) than T 778, of course 6700h looks the best out of these but im afraid its a little bit outside my budget, so my question is, would you change RZ-800 for X4700h (125W at 0.05% THD) ? How much noticeable difference would it make for me compared to my current RZ-800 (135W at 0.08% THD), what you think guys? As im running a 5.1 setup (maybe a 5.1.2 in the future when i will move up from my current living place), i mostly want to listen to my turntable (Roksan Attessa Turntable, with built pre-amp ON) or via HDMI from my PC/Streaming (lossless) and watch movies on it with HD codecs such as DTS HD-MA/TrueHD/ATMOS etc. Of course i understand that additional amplifier would be better for front but as for now i want to stick to amplifier only without buying additional amp. Would a 4700h make a huge difference for me compared to current amplituner i got ? Which one of these would be the best musically, just for stereo?

Thanks for help!
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