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Best cheap planar headphones recomendation?


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Jan 27, 2021
Hi guys!
First of all thank you to Amir for such good content and friendly forum!
I am pro mixing and mastering engineer with 20+ years experience in searching for "best" CHEAP open back cans for mixing.

I was surprised with Audeze LCD-2 performance even without EQ but is it possible to find something comparable, PLANAR and for less money?
I have checked Amir's HifiMan cans reviews - looks like it is interesting alternative for Audeze...
Golden standard for mixing is Sennheiser HD 650.
It is sounded awesome with correction, it's light but flimsy and without corrections it's not very good (lacks base and highs very much)
Also price tag is OK but LCD-2 is another level.

The main target of this topic - to find good cheap open back PLANAR cans which I will recommend for producers.
Any suggestions, experience, etc are WELCOME!
Thank you!
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