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(Balanced, with high pass filter) Sub for Genelec 8040B, how?


Apr 16, 2021
Not too long ago I upgraded from M-Audio Cx-5 monitors to Genelec 8040B's.
Reason was to get more low end and better quality sound overall which was a total success: I simply love them.
However I'm now enjoying the additional low bass (30Hz in room) so much that I'm looking towards a future subwoofer addition to get the extension to 17-20Hz.
(The 30Hz I have now is achieved by a slight 2-3dB boost in the low end to get the level up sufficiently so that is not really optimal for quality bass.)

Setup is:
Windows PC running Equalizer APO
Monitors: Genelec 8040B
DAC: Soncoz LA-QXD1 (balanced connected to monitors)
HP amplifier: Massdrop THX AAA 789 (it has a single ended passthrough available)
UMIK-1 which I used to calibrate the low end

So what am I looking for:
A- At least extension down to 17-20Hz
B- Balanced connections since I have ground loop issues without.
C- Compact size
D- Budget max 1000euro
E- Available in Europe

Genelec 7360A is the one that should fit best but it is double the budget I'm willing to spend.
Also the size of the 7360A is already making me cringe, it is quite huge already.
Since the THX 789 has a passthrough I thought I might be able to use that to go to a sub but I do not know if I re-introduce ground loops that way.
Also the 8040B's do not have a high pass filter, so I will have no proper control over crossover if the sub does not have a high-pass filter.

Subs that I really like are:
Arendal 1961 1s
Monolith 10in THX

But the crossover (and ground loop?) issue seems to make them impossible..
I hope there is a solution for me..


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Aug 11, 2019
US East
The Dynaudio 18S is over your budget too, but the 9S doesn't seems to go low enough for you.


Apr 16, 2021
I found the big subwoofer overview spreadsheet (totally missed it earlier) and had a play with it.
Another constraint I put on myself is to use a closed sub in order to get maximum low-end extension with room gain.
Also the compact size requirement is easier to meet with a closed box.
With this it looks like the only options for me are, but a bit out of budget:
Dynaudio 18s (totally forgot about it, thanks!)
Neumann KH750
SVS SB12-Plus (discontinued)

If I'm correct with the Neumann there are additional A/D/A conversions in the sub when going DAC --> KH750 --> Analog Genelecs. I'd rather avoid that. But reqarding looks & durability the Neumann probably is the one to get..

So looks like the Dynaudio 18s is the only one remaining for my wishes. I'll need to keep on saving then.
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