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Audient iD4 Audio Interface Review

Nov 29, 2020
The Audient iD4 has been my main office / desktop interface for about 2 years now. I wanted the iD4 mainly for the sound of the mic preamp and the DI input for recording electric and acoustic guitars direct. (Mac, Logic Pro, Ableton, AmpliTUBE.) I also love the Big Fat Volume knob - which feels coarse initially - but is actually high resolution and provides very precise level control. When rehearsing / recording guitar I monitor either with Alclair Reference IEMs or my vintage AT ATH-2. For background listening it drives a pair of powered monitors / sub. Whether it measures as well as other similar priced ADC / DAC combos I don’t really care as the hook for me was the great sounding preamp and DI - but I will say that it SOUNDS better than the Behringer UMC404HD which allegedly has “Midas“ designed preamps. I love mixing on Midas desks live but the UMC had absolutely no character. Overall I’d say the iD4 is “musical” and if you are recording guitar or bass it deserves a listen. As a straight up DAC driving another HPA I dunno...
Feb 4, 2021
Southern California
Thanks for the detailed review and specs I have what's now called the iD4MKI that's covered in this review. Great amp and a decent headphone amp. If you only need a single line amp and single DI input it's a compelling option. Costs more and has one less output than the ubiquitous Scarlett 2i2. Money is going to a better amp and better sound. New MKII versions iD4 and iD4 have updated and improved on most specs and use USB-C but can be connected with a USB 3.0 adapter. iD4 MKI is still a great USB mixer and has the more common USB 2.0 and has been out longer. Don't pay full price for one, with MKII version out you may find good sales and deals on used ones.

Interestingly Audient's section on why USB 2.0 is better is still up.

When designing the iD interface range we wanted it to be compatible with as many systems as possible to ensure our renowned audio quality was available to as many users as possible. USB 2.0 was chosen as it is currently the most prolific port on computers. This means you can use any of our interfaces in the studio or out on the road anywhere in the world and not have to worry about finding a compatible port on a computer!


Major Contributor
Nov 6, 2018
I won't be too surprised if the new interfaces will technically still operate on a USB 2.0 port but merely require the increased power delivery of a 3.0 port, so you may be able to kludge something together to make them work even on an older system (e.g. use a powered hub).

Besides, the above text has to be from 2018 or so as it talks about the iD44. I still have some USB 2.0-only dinosaurs, but the last of these must have been delivered in about early 2012 or so, so they're getting on a bit now, and leaving almost decade-old systems behind seems easier than ones that might be as young as 6 years. Some of them can be retrofitted with USB 3.0 cards (PCIe or ExpressCard) as well, or have already been. How many folks with a 10-year-old machine are in the market for a brand new audio interface anyway?

So clearly the compatibility issue is no longer as pressing now and should become less and less relevant during MkII product lifetime, while there are concrete, marketable benefits to be had from increased power delivery (higher dynamic range and headphone output). It certainly seems alluring from a manufacturer's POV.
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