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Aiyima m1 vs...?


Jan 22, 2024
I am looking for low cost multi channel solutions, basically I moved into a house with an existing in-ceiling speaker setup with existing speakers in three rooms (kitchen, dining, living rooms). Think of 90s stuff that one was good quality. No sub. I may eventually upgrade the speakers but for now they don't justify a pricy amp.

So I started digging through the Fosi and Aiyima lineups looking for options, thinking maybe I can chain two or three of these things together, one for each set of speakers.

Then I ran across this, which seems to have no reviews anywhere and it's $45:

Aiyima M1 4 channel amp

In theory just what I need, but here are the specs for it from Aiyima:

Chip: TPA3116D2 + 6925C + NE5532
Output power: 50W * 4
Impedance: 4-8Ohm
Frequency: 20Hz-20Khz (± 3db)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥98db
Working voltage: DC12-24V

So it's not the TPA325x chipset, it's the older 311x chipset, and... it's only rated for 24v input which makes me doubt about how well it'll do actually driving three pairs of bookshelf/ceiling speakers.

That said I did drive all three off a Fosi 32V BT20A PRO by creatively wiring two pair in parallel and then the third pair in serial (to manage the ohms) and it really did drive them loud enough for me. Lots of distortion if you pushed the volume over 50% but my use case will be quiet background music so it was ok. Except that my creative wiring resulted in the speakers in series playing at double the volume of the ones on parallel...

Goal is to input airplay or Bluetooth since the kit is all going to be in a cupboard with a wooden door that will be closed so no IT remote.

So what are my options?

1. Try this Aiyima m1

2. Add a volume adjustment somehow to the speakers in series (will that work? Will try extra resistance just apply to the whole circuit and lower everything?)

3. Try some kind of speaker switch gizmo with volume controls (waste watts on a "protection circuit")

4. Chain three Aiyima A07's in series

5. Get an old used multi channel amp and stick a WIIM in front of it to get the Bluetooth/wireless input

6. Any other solutions? Are there any 325x based multi channel options on the horizon?

Given I'm driving old aging speakers the seem ok but are not the finest I am doing this on a budget and looking for low cost options.

I do have another proper full audio system in a room with treatments for truly enjoying music so I don't feel the need for great sound as long as it's good enough not to be grating at lower volume levels (think music quietly playing in the background at a dinner party).
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