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Aiyima 08 Pro


Senior Member
Mar 21, 2023
For discussion of the Aiyima 08 Pro

08 Pro Negatives:
  1. No Sleep function. Obvious result is that it stays on 24 hours a day, unless you drag the volume knob left and shut it off that way.
  2. Not obvious result of #1, you will NOT need to repair Bluetooth using Win 11 after both are shut off. I tested this by turning off my computer and then turning off the 08. Then, I turned them both back on and Win 11 picked up the 08 and was connected.
  3. If you leave the amp on all of the time, but shut off your computer, it goes into broadcast mode automatically. (Incidentally, if you shut off your computer after it is paired, and then turn your computer back on, Win 11 will automatically reconnect with it. That's a positive, but requires you leave the amp on 24-7.)
  4. No way to turn off the backlit VU meter (LEDs will burn 24 hours a day.)
  5. Seems a little hot when reproducing cymbals and other percussion upper kH sounds in upper kH range using my 8 Ohm speakers, but it depends on the song and the stream. Easy to tame with an EQ or even the treble knob. (Sure, the treble knob is a sledge hammer, but still works okay for that purpose).

08 Pro Positives:
  1. Seems to reproduce much better the lower and mid range than my older, original Douk G3 and Aiyima A05 amps (2019 versions).
  2. I like the backlit VU meter and it's yellow retro color more than I thought I would. I'd like even more of this type of thing in future amps, preamps, etc. It doesn't do anything for sound quality, but aesthetics do matter. If not, then we should all just wear the same color everyday. And there should only be one color. And one font.
  3. Seems like Bluetooth and AptX are implemented well. It's smooth.
  4. It really does sound nice, good separation and depth, clean, lots of powuh and punch!
I really wish it had an auto sleep function. That would make it just about perfect. That and another VU meter. Maybe an asymetric case, with a 3" VU meter?
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