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A-S701/801 +Wiim Pro Plus


May 20, 2024
Could buy cheap second hand Yamaha A-S701 and A-S801 to drive KEF R3s together with a Wiim Pro Plus.
I wonder what would be the ideal DAC setup here. Tending towards Wiim + S801 internal DAC via analog but wondering if Wiim DAC + S701 via optical might actually produce better results.
There shouldn't be any audible difference between the two routes, so whatever is more convenient for you.
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So using the Wiim DAC vs. any of the Yamaha internal DACs wont make a difference?
I think the Yamaha has only one DAC with multiple inputs and it's as transparent as the DAC in the Wiim.
Wouldn't this make the regular Wiim Pro be the better value in this case?
There's an argument for that or even the Wiim mini. The digital output of all three should be identical. I'm not sure if the Mini has a 10 band PEQ though like the Pro and the Pro Plus.
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