1. lerp

    Best Budget Amp Under ~$180 With Optical & BT

    Hey y'all. I am looking for people's favorite class D amp that has both bluetooth and optical inputs. I have seen the Aiyima T9/T9 Pro, Aiyima D03/D05, Fosi Audio DA2120C, I think SMSL has some too, etc. Are there any that people prefer over others? Really trying to stay under $150ish, maaaybe...
  2. U

    Help with surround sound on Windows PC

    Hi! I have the following setup: - Windows 11 desktop PC: Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 and soundcard Creative Sound Blaster Z SE. Also an optical Blu-ray drive and 1080p DLP projector. - Yamaha receiver HTR-6130, connected to five speakers and a subwoofer. Creative sound card is...
  3. T

    Toslink - input switch and output splitter combined - issues?

    Would one expect to get some degradation in the signal quality if I connected a toslink switch (takes several inputs) to a toslink splitter (splits outgoing signal into several outputs)? I cannot find an input switch with several toslink outputs, if that exist.
  4. L

    Toslink and Jitter

    I've been looking into getting some Optical/Toslink Cables for a for a video VHS archival project. I want to use an external DAC instead of the one that's built into the VHS player and the only way to keep the data in digital is via Toslink to my DAC/AVR. I get that Jitter is irrelevant...
  5. M

    Sending audio from one computer to another via spdif does not seem to work.

    I have an audio setup for active speakers using a headless Raspberry PI 400 running brutefir (FIR filtering), with an Asus Xonar U7 USB DAC providing multiple audio streams to drive three stereo amps and in turn two tweeters, two mid woofers and a sub. The audio feed to this setup comes from a...
  6. M

    QED Performance Optical Graphite vs. simple $10 KabelDirekt

    I recently tried a very cheap toslink cable I found at home on my DAC. Although I used a high quality Neo by Oyaide brand USB cable, I was positively surprised by the sound I got from the cheap toslink cable. Afterwards, I decided to buy an optical cable of higher quality and, if possible, made...
  7. B

    Digital Optical (Toslink) conversion to Digital Electrical (SPDIF)

    Hi everyone, I am considering buying a TOSLINK to digital SPDIF adapter / converter. Couldn't find information online regarding the conversion between digital optical to digital electrical. Does anyone know about the performance of the conversion and if signal degradation is to be expected...
  8. Sparky

    Am I being daft here?

    Hi all. So, lets get it out of the way, I'm a bit of a "box swapper" and enjoy doing the research on various new items in the audio market which may or may not improve my listening experience. I'm going through that phase now and have a couple of questions which, depending on the answers, will...
  9. Jazz

    Toslink to USB C?

    I have a PCM receiver that only has Toslink out. I would like to send that to a USB-C in on a DAC (and then from the DAC to analog). The DAC is just USB-C in (female). Is there a Toslink to USB-C dongle or box out there? One that is not a DAC. The Toslink is going into a DAC (that only has...
  10. Fetch_Execute_Break

    Cheap (and stable) DAC/AMP headphone toslink combo for Console Gaming ?

    Hello! Last week the Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out and it turned my former non-gamer-girlfriend into a gamer-wife-to-be. Well this is my second big coup after getting her interested in Italian-American movies and TV shows. Gabagool. And before you ask: No she has no twin sister :P So...
  11. M

    bluetooth 5.0 (AptX-HD+LDAC) transport with coax+toslink ($30 on aliexpress)

    I was looking for a BT 5.0 receiver that could feed a signal over coax. This implementation of the Qualcomm CSR8675 seems to fit the bill. Note this does not include a DAC.
  12. S

    Digital pre-amp with streaming capabilities and digital & analog inputs

    Hey guys, First time posting here! I've been lurking around since 2017 something and created the account last year I think. Anyhow! I am looking for advice as there is a jungle out there on the market and the master review index isn't helping me for the moment. What I have today: Mains for...
  13. S

    S/PDIF motherboard header and jitter

    Hi all This is a question lifted from another thread, I would like to confirm the answer before buying anything :) Question: My motherboard has a S/PDIF header, and I am considering getting something like this to connect my PC to a DAC via toslink optical. Are there any caveats with this...
  14. S

    Another ground loop thread

    Hi all Long time lurker, erm.. second time poster :) I recently received a Topping E30 DAC from Father Christmas ;) . I really enjoy the functionality, but alas, I am suffering from one - possibly two - stubborn ground loops, the symptoms of which are detailed below: SETUP: Old PC > Topping...
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